star ReggaeFit® is a new innovation in fitness! A new way to have fun, learn dance moves, and get fit… ALL IN ONE! We have combined light, high energy aerobics with the instruction of Caribbean dance moves ‐ to the eclectic sounds and intense beats of popular REGGAE music!

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Our jam‐packed, one‐hour classes are geared to both men and women, teens and children alike! We even offer a class taught by both a male and female instructor so both men and women can get the complete, catered workout their bodies deserve! Each class consists of three segments:

  • Warm‐Up: focusing on loosening the muscles and increasing the heart-rate
  • Getting Reggae Fit!: involves higher‐intensity aerobics and the instruction of choreographed Caribbean dances
  • Cool Down: floor work that focuses on breathing, stretching and toning the muscles, and strengthening the “Core” through abdominal exercises.

ReggaeFit in Heels provides Clients with the perfect way to get fit – sexy style! Clients bring a pair of their favorite heels and let loose with sensual routines and toning exercises, complete with props – from chairs to boas!

ReggaeFit n’ Fifty is for those 50 and over that want to get fit and keep fit to Caribbean music and dances that bring back their best memories of the good ol’ days! This class is set at a pace that’s easy to keep up with and fun, yet gives the fitness results intended.

ReggaeFit Kids classes take five to twelve year olds on a musical journey – teaching them about music “greats” like Bob Marley, while exploring movement between slower Ska tempos to fast Soca rhythms. ReggaeFit Teens get to perform choreographed Caribbean dances at local events!

ReggaeFit is more than your average class! For our Members, we offer one special class per month that includes a themed party, taste-testing of healthy Caribbean foods, working out to live African drums or bands, class at a special location (ex. the beach), or guest musical artists stopping by! We also offer ReggaeFit workout videos, ReggaeFit wear, and ReggaeFit babysitting services.

Can’t get to class??? ReggaeFit delivers! Contact us to set up a private group class at a location of your choice!

Please feel free to browse the site to learn more about us.